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NSW, Australia

french inspired garden wedding in bowral australia

and I will likely say the same to anyone asking me for a recommendation. When a photographer pulls out their light meter mid wedding, you know you're in capable hands…!

She remained highly professional and focused throughout the day, even when I had a bridal tantrum in the morning. Sheri's calm and efficient demeanor was unshaken. And despite delays, she graciously stayed longer to ensure we had all the necessary shots. She was incredibly accommodating to work with, and I may not have been the easiest bride but with her by our side, I definitely felt the most beautiful bride of all time.

- Caroline

My friend described her to me as “ I couldn’t fault her”

You deserve to experience one of the best days in your life in an extra special way. I want you to be in the moment, taking it all in, instead of being focused on the photos. I'll make sure you get to experience cocktail hour with your family and friends, while also taking advantage of the natural light at golden hour.



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