8 Tips for your seamless fine art boudoir experience 

1 – Book in for a pre-consulatation call so you know what to expect

2 – Scrub, moisturise & honour your body weeks before

3 – Grab your mani/pedi day before but make sure you do your waxing a week prior to your shoot

4 – Spray Tan YES or NO. Fine art film is so flawless 90% of clients do not need one. However if you feel you do please remember soft and subtle is best. Watch out for tan lines and what lingerie you will wear on the day. You don’t want this showing in your images.

5 – Wear loose fitting clothing & underwear to the shoot- you don’t want unseemly red lines or marks

6 – Schedule the shoot mid-cycle & watch your diet the day before – steer clear of foods that you know bloat you!

7 – Invest in correct fitting lingerie that makes you feel like a goddess

8 – Have a clear picture of the theming for your photographs but be flexible and trust your photographers expertise. The picture of what you have in your mind might not suit the situation on the day.

Most of all, relax, have fun & be in the moment – you are beautiful x

8 Tips for a seamless Fine Art Boudoir Experience

January 30, 2019

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