3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Honeymoon Photo Session

Wedding photos help you remember the moments of your wedding day. And tell the story of your celebration – beginning with your engagement session and ending with the final send-off at your reception. 

Although your wedding day is undoubtedly the main event, that doesn’t mean the celebration has to stop there…

If you’re reading this post, you may be asking yourself, “I didn’t even know honeymoon sessions were a thing! Why should I hire a photographer?” 

And my answer to you is – it’s because there is no better way to tell the complete story of your wedding journey than with quality photos of your honeymoon. 

Fantastic food and drinks, beautiful sunsets, thrilling excursions… The photo opportunities are endless! And whether it’s exploring a bustling city or escaping to a faraway tropical island, your honeymoon is an opportunity to experience life in a new way. 

It’s especially memorable because you get to do this for the first time as a couple. And just like with your wedding, it’s made up of so many beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime moments waiting to be documented. 

My husband and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary. And while I’m so grateful for our wedding photos, I regret not having my honeymoon captured. We were so focused on just enjoying our honeymoon, we didn’t bother to take any.

But don’t just take my experience as to why you should have a honeymoon photo session. Here are a few other reasons that I think you’ll find pretty convincing.

  1. It’s truly the best time to take photos

Your honeymoon is just the two of you. No seating arrangement to figure out. No last-minute details and decisions to make. No timeline to follow… Just a chance to relax and reconnect after the wedding, and all of the stresses that come along with it, are over. 

Now that the pressure of your wedding day has passed, you get time just to be together and have fun in a beautiful setting. And what better mindset to be when having your photo taken other than that?!

Much of getting great photos involves how you feel before the camera ever shows up. So, you can only imagine the natural, joyful, and romantic-looking photos a honeymoon can provide.

Couple on their honeymoon in Santa Barbara in a yellow dress for photos near palm trees

2) You’re focused on being in the moment (like we were!)

Whether your dream honeymoon involves traveling to Paris, exploring world-class museums, and eating croissants for breakfast every day… Or spending time on the beach of a rainforest-covered peninsula in Thailand or Hawaii… You only get one honeymoon. So, your focus should be on each other in the amazing place you’ve chosen to visit. 

Over the years, my travel experiences have helped me to understand the importance of remaining fully present in the moment. Especially during such a monumental moment such as your wedding day. And is the reason I take this same approach with honeymoon photoshoots. Because without the pressure of a time constraint, there is more opportunity to capture those candid shots you love as they unfold naturally. 

But the pressure to document your experience by constantly taking photos, especially in this day and age, can potentially get in the way of you living in the moment. It also means having your phone with you at all times. So why not have a pro take on this responsibility for you by removing the pressure altogether?! With the bonus of allowing you to detox from your photo (and social media) for a while.

That’s not to say I’ll be following you around with a camera during your entire honeymoon. After all, this is a chance for your all to enjoy yourselves. Not a romantic vacation bombarded with photo opportunities.

Instead, it may be me accompanying you on a catamaran excursion or hike in the jungle, in which I remain unobtrusive and document your love from afar rather than getting in the way of your good time. Then, it might 30-minutes worth of portraits on the beach before a romantic dinner. From which I’ll pack up my things and head home for the evening.

Couple kissing in love on their honeymoon in Santa Barbara in a yellow dress for photos near palm trees

3) Frame-worthy photos from a professional

With me as your photographer, there’s no need to ask the nearest stranger if they can take your photos while you cross your fingers it’ll turn out okay. Instead, you can expect the same bright and airy, fine art quality of photos as your engagement and wedding as you will with your honeymoon.

So leave the selfie stick at home. And rest assured that you’ll have beautiful photos to frame and display in your home. Or to keep in an album that allows you to relive your once-in-a-lifetime adventure decades from now.

See! I told you taking honeymoon photos was a good idea! 
If you think so, I would love for you to reach out. And together, plan your dream honeymoon photo session.

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