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When Jen and Charly were on the lookout for their dream wedding photographer, they had a clear vision in mind.

They wanted someone they could feel comfortable around, who had an excellent eye for their desired style, and most importantly, someone who knew how to have some fun! They were all about embracing the joy and not taking themselves too seriously. And they wanted their photos to reflect that spirit.

That’s where I came in! As a family friend and photographer passionate about timeless beauty, I checked all the boxes for Jen and Charly. They knew they could trust me to capture their love story in a genuine and heartfelt way.

As we dove into the planning process, we sat down together and meticulously crafted the perfect timeline for their big day. From getting every moment timed precisely to being ready to roll with any adjustments on the spot, I was there to ensure that everything flowed seamlessly.

Now, let’s talk about the day itself. One of the standout moments for Jen and Charly was our little escapade during sunset. Picture this: the wind (finally!) calming down, the sun emerging from behind the clouds, and its warm rays touching the horizon. It was total magic! And I made sure to capture that enchanting moment for them to cherish forever.

As they reminisced, Jen and Charly couldn’t pinpoint just one favourite detail or moment—they had so many! But they wanted me to share how I became their guiding light, keeping them informed about the weather and gently suggesting that a veil wouldn’t be the best choice on such a windy day. And let me tell you, Jen appreciated my honesty!

We also had an absolute blast experimenting with poses in front of that breathtaking sunset. It was pure joy!

Of course, no wedding is without its fair share of challenges. And in this case, it was the relentless wind. But we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. We laughed it off and turned it into an adventure!

And despite any challenging weather, they soaked up the lively atmosphere and relished being in the heart of the celebration—exactly where they belonged!

Finally, the moment of truth arrived—the grand reveal of their wedding photos. Jen and Charly were over the moon with excitement. They loved seeing themselves radiate happiness and having an absolute blast throughout the day.

Sure, there was a tinge of sadness that they couldn’t go back and do it all again. But that’s the magic of photographs—they freeze those incredible moments for eternity.

“I can 100% say now that booking Sheri in as my first vendor was the best decision I made! We worked so closely together on so many elements of the wedding, understanding my vision and what was needed to achieve that! I didn’t really believe how quickly the day would go – and so to have someone I could trust in my corner from the very beginning of planning to the actual day was so so important. We feel so lucky to have been able to work with Sheri.

Sheri was the ultimate photographer on our wedding day – navigating all of the expected and unexpected challenges with confidence and such sophistication! She worked with us on our vision and adjusted as we battled the elements, I truly couldn’t have managed it without her guidance on timing, best lighting and all the rest!

I loved how efficient she was, all the while maintaining the highest standards that we will be so grateful for. The pressure to rush is insane – but you were focused on us, and reminded us that it was our day to enjoy!” – JEN
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Vendor List

Caterer: Rabbit and Co, Videographer: Dion Cario Florist: Ivy Lane Collective, Entertainment: White Tree, Hair: Hair by Ruby Churchin, Make-up: Emily Peita Makeup, Suit(s): Lupo Bianco Gown(s): Tanzilia ID, Officiant: Rosemary Johnson

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