Top Fine Art Wedding Venues in the Southern Highlands NSW Australia

Congratulations on your engagement! Hopefully, you’ve taken some time to enjoy this chapter. It’s all too easy to dive headfirst into wedding planning, especially when there’s so much inspiration. Like these gorgeous wedding venues, I’m about to show you!

These are some of my favourite locations for couples who define their wedding style as fine art. You love the soft romance, elegance, and refinement of the look. It can be luxurious but rustic, opulent but pastoral. It’s a sophisticated natural beauty.

As a fine-art wedding photographer in Australia, I’ve captured some of the most stunning celebrations in the Hunter Valley and Southern Highlands regions. And I hope to capture more – including yours! 

If you’re still searching for the ideal venue to suit your fine-art style, consider my recommendations below. These are all located in the Bowral, Southern Highlands area – a charming town and the perfect place for a gourmet getaway, boutique shopping, and a game of cricket after you’ve tied the knot. 

I’ve also included one Sydney wedding venue for good measure. 

Southern Highlands Venues

Somerley House – The Somerley House is an elegant Victorian estate set among storybook woods. It’s much like the grand Hopewood House (no longer hosting events), with its airy aesthetic and white spaces. But there’s a much more intimate vibe, as everything is in one place, and the venue caters to smaller groups of guests. Somerley’s was made for fine-art weddings. From vine-covered terraces to secret garden passageways, and enchanting mirrors to ceilings strung with flowers, all elements come together to create an artistic masterpiece. 

Wedding venue in the southern highlands, Bowral, Somerley House Sutton Forrest for elegant Victorian estate

Milton Park Country House – If the idea of an Orangerie doesn’t stir your fine-art imagination, I’m not sure what will! Take a stroll through Milton Park, and you’ll find such a place, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows, French chandeliers, and stunning views of the gardens and bathhouse. The outdoor space, aptly named the Tulip Lawn, is like a Monet painting come to life. Host your ceremony among the flowers, then make your way to the Conservatory for cocktail hour. Here you’ll find plenty of natural light and a neutral colour palette to suit your style.  

Bendooley Estate – This luxury rural estate has something for every couple, but those with an eye for the fine-art style will particularly love what it offers. The Book Barn is the venue’s signature location and features walls of books, a working fireplace, cathedral ceilings, and chandeliers. It’s elevated and cozy all at the same time. The Lakeside Pavilion and the gardens also offer picturesque settings for a fine-art wedding. Host your ceremony near the serene waters or say, “I do,” inside a circular rose garden. All of the options are enchanting. 

Bendooley Estate Southern highlands wedding venue for a luxury country wedding

Peppers Manor House – Peppers Manor House offers a relaxed environment that’s also completely enchanted. Imagine photos underneath the 100-year-old London Plane Tree as it stands witness on the ceremony lawn. And before the reception, we’ll capture portraits on the antique lounges while your guests mingle over cocktails near the open fireplace or private bar. Then, we’ll move to the Estate Room, where chandeliers sparkle and floor-to-ceiling glass doors open to an expansive terrace. Whatever the weather, there’s a beautiful space for celebration. 

Sydney Wedding Venue 

Vaucluse House – I’ve included Vaucluse House because, as one of the few remaining 19th-century estates in Sydney, it truly is a treasure. This 1830s sandstone mansion is surrounded by its original gardens (a lovely area to enjoy cocktail hour). An expansive paddock at the rear of the property offers a covered veranda and meadow views. And the tea rooms with stained glass windows are the perfect place for an intimate reception. Now that you’ve seen what the Southern Highlands (and Sydney!) has to offer, do you have a favourite? Does one align with your fine-art style more than the others? Contact me – I’d love to know!

Vaucluse House Sydney wedding venue for a luxury vibrant pink garden theme
Sydney garden wedding venue Vaucluse House historic museum vibrant pink flowers ceremony setting
Luxury fine art wedding venues in Bowral NSW Southern Highlands Australia. Somerley House, Milton Park Country House,Bendooley Estate, Peppers Manor House

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