Behind The Scenes Sydney Bridal Editorial Photoshoot

OMG, sometimes I think I’m insane … but at the same time, I empower myself!  

It is amazing what we do for the things we love and that give us energy! What we can do both mentally and physically when we push it into a space where we are happy and passionate, is nothing short of a miracle! 

I want to share with you my amazing journey over the past three days and you will see what I mean!

You know that eye-roll you do when someone says to you “Oh I love my job” or mention their “passion” … well hopefully you won’t do that when I share with you, BUT I can say man I know why they say and share such things! 

I am so lucky to be able to say hand on heart I LOVE my job. Actually it’s not a job – it’s my passion. It’s so fun and it gives me such inspiration and energy. I just can’t help myself!

Saturday morning I woke up at 5:30am to drive 5 and a half hours to Sydney. Stopping to collect flowers and bridal shoes on the way, so that actually became 6 and a half hours real quick.

I landed at the Rydges in Cronulla to meet hair and makeup artist Kellsie, checked into my room and had 15 mins to spare before my student, Shyani, arrived. 

Shyani had decided I was the one she wanted some 1:1 mentoring time with, which was just so humbling for me!

Then it was off to the cliff tops of Karnell for 3 straight hours – insane! I am pretty sure it was the adrenalin that kept my body going because even just talking about it I feel tired ha ha. In all seriousness, I am so grateful for whatever mode my body and mind go into when I do these sessions because I am able to share exciting moments with my clients and create something truly spectacular and beautiful. 

That was Saturday. Sunday I drove a further 1 and a half hours to Bowral where I photographed 3 wedding gowns for Indonesian wedding gown designed, Tanzilla, in the stunning gardens of Somerly House. The magnificent autumn backdrop of the main house was divine and absolutely amazing.

Finishing the weekend with a branding session for photographer Mandy, of Sugar Tree Photography, capturing her in the cutest little white cottage in Bowral. The imagery and the settings I selected bought her vision together perfectly. We were so happy with what we captured for her. 

Then it was homeward bound. I have to say it was tough. I had so much fun and so much excitement it was quite hard to just sit for 5 and a half hours, by myself and not share with anyone! My poor husband when I got home – ah well that’s what they are there for right?

To say this was an action packed weekend pretty much sums it up! I got to deliver and share the favourite elements of my job – branding, mentoring and travel! 

People have said that my work ethic is an inspiration to them to go out and kick ass! Thank you! It’s amazing when people see how much you put into something really and it really does make the hard yakka all worthwhile. 

Thank you to the amazing people that shared my journey this weekend past. I hope that this provides you with some inspiration. 

They say “do what you love and you will never work a day in your life”. That old adage is so true and the passion they emit is contagious. I know there is absolutely no way I could ever deliver or do what I just did this weekend if I wasn’t invested in myself and what I do. Do you feel the same about what you do? I hope you do. 

See the full behind the scenes video from the 1:1 mentor session HERE

Credits: Gown – Tanzilia | Hair and Makeup – Kellsie Bain Makeup | Flowers – Idyll Studio | Silk – Her Beautiful Mess | Cinematography – Moments Photography

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