Building A Solid Business Brand Through Photography

In the world of business, we constantly hear “You must brand your business” or “How are you branding your business?”, “Do you have a strong brand representation?” and more … brand … brand … brand! But what does it actually mean?

Branding is everything your customer sees, hears, feels (emotionally and physically). It’s how they interact with you and most importantly it represents YOU not only as a business but elements of yourself as well. 

It’s being said these days “You are your brand” – again what does this mean? It’s your values, it’s how you represent yourself, it’s posting on social media, it’s how you interact with others online, it’s how you treat your customers …. IT’S EVERYTHING!

A cohesive and consistent branding strategy reflects the heart and soul of your business and it goes deep – it contributes to your sales, revenue, loyalty, reputation and your beliefs. 

Your branding is how you tell your story to your customers to make them feel and believe certain truths about you and your business. 

Mostly, branding techniques are used either:

Visually – logos, patterns, icons and images to influence perception

Foundations – missions, vision, values

Words – blogs, videos, podcasts and copy are effective brand communication tools that help influence your customers thinking of your business.

So, why is it so important! 

It’s your story – You want to use your brand to let your customers know that you, without a doubt, are the best fit for them. You tell your customers how your product or service is going to change and improve their lives. 

It increases your value – A strong brand can increase your business worth by thousands. 

It directs you – A good branding strategy can keep you focused and on track. It ensures whatever you are doing in your business it aligns with your values, mission and vision and keeps everything consistent. 

You get noticed – Consider some of the most prominent brands in your industry eg. Apple. With a strong branding strategy, customers instantly recognise your brand and know who you are. 

It creates money – Your branding is what sticks in customer’s minds, long after they have done business with you. It needs to be strong and impactful so that they remember who you are and that you are top of mind next time.

It connects – Everything from your colours, fonts to your choice of words creates an emotional response from your customers. The goal of your branding is to give people some positive feels. You want them to emotionally connect with your brand so they are emotionally invested with you.

It sets you apart – When you create a unique branding strategy you will set yourself apart from your competition. You give your business it’s own voice and own personality! 

Branding is essential to the sustainability and growth of your business. A good solid branding strategy and position will do so much for your business. It can increase your revenue, place you as a leader in your field, allow recognition that speaks volumes! 

Make sure you include a branding strategy as part of your business marketing plan.

“The experience with Sheri was amazing, she was so calm and patient during the entire session despite the unpredictable weather forecast on the shoot day. She went above and beyond to help me achieve the vision I had for my 1st ever branding shoot. All photos coming back so beautifully and I now have an amazing source of images that I can use all across my social media and website that help me to speak directly to my dream client. It was everything I could ask for. Thanks Sheri!” – Ha Tran

Credits: Stylist – Sandra Chau | Florist – Idyll Flower Studio | Venue – The Rift 

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  1. Penny says:

    Your work is always so beautifully consistent. Did you ever juggle a full time job with a side passion?

    • Sheri McMahon says:

      Hi Penny, Thank you so much for the beautiful comment 🙂 Sure did, When I started my photography I was full time at a bank, the CBA.

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