How you can support the wedding industry for FREE during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus and circumstances surrounding it has sent the wedding industry into turmoil. With the Morrison Government recently introducing the restrictions to a maximum of 5 people at a ceremony, it has created a lot of pain for not only the Bride and Groom but the wedding industry also. 

So, how can we support the industry? And each other during this time? A few suggestions that you can do today that are FREE and have a massive impact are.

Leave a google review 

Support your fav businesses or businesses that have helped you. 

Here is a link to mine! If I have worked with you before or if you love my work, share some love and take 2 minutes to leave me a review!

Help them get noticed!

We all know that leaving comments and reviews improve SEO functions in the google world. By adding comments on blogs or liking them, this helps businesses get noticed and spreads the love in the SEO world. 

Please show some love and head over to my blogs!

Let’s get social!

Similar to a google review, if you follow your fav business on Facebook, be sure to leave them a review. Most people go to a Facebook page first when they source something rather than a website. 

It may not seem like a lot, however, if you are able to show your support to our industry just in these few little ways, it makes such a big impact. 

We are relying on people like you to share the love and help us be the voice in our industry at the moment. 

Help us be in the best position possible for the bounce back and show us your love! 

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