Elegant bride on the wild coastline of Kurnell for Sydney Wedding Photographers 1:1 Mentor Photoshoot

It’s always an honour when another photographer reaches out to me and asks me to mentor them on shooting film.

Film is my biggest passion. There is a reason why digital preset are trying to mimic film…. because of its timeless, fine art beauty and elegance. To me it is magical!

Film is my medium of choice that I choose to document my art with.  Using film makes me slow down, think and appreciate every moment and see things in a whole new perspective. With every click of the shutter it feels so right. The sound is like magic being made and I know that I’m creating something timeless, that will never date. A piece of heirloom imagery for my couples.

Scroll away to see these fine art film images from the 1:1 mentor bridal photoshoot on the clifftops of Kurnell in Sydney.

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Whether your love story is one blossomed from elegant romance or one of epic proportions, I am so excited to be a part of this journey with you and can’t wait to get to know you more. I am a fine art photographer providing my services all throughout NSW, Australia and destinations worldwide. Passionately devoted to capturing the beauty of your special day. 

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