10 Best Outdoor Locations for Your Proposal, Engagement or Honeymoon Session in Port Stephens

Port Stephens has always been a popular destination for couples looking for a quick weekend getaway. It’s rich with beautiful hotel accommodations, Airbnb options, and natural beauty. 

There are so many idyllic locations in Port Stephens for couples to take advantage of. Whether you want surprise proposal photos, an engagement session, or a honeymoon photoshoot, there’s a picture-perfect place to document the occasion. 

Here’s a look at the 10 best outdoor locations for your proposal, engagement, or honeymoon photos in Port Stephens. 

Anchorage Marina

With pristine waters and a natural harbour created by the Karuah and Myall rivers, the Anchorage Marina provides the most beautiful backdrop for a photo op.

Boat owners moor and explore from the marina, but guests have just as much fun walking the boardwalk, visiting the beach, and enjoying the lush greenery and wildlife behind the venue. Exquisite dining and other beaches are just a short and smooth sail away. 

And should you want to kick up your feet in luxury, the Anchorage Hotel and Spa offers waterfront accommodation, two swimming pools, and delicious food and drink options. 

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Shoal Bay

Shoal Bay is both a charming village and a majestic beach. The beach stretches 2.5-kilometers from Nelson Head to Tomaree Head and provides a large view of the immaculate inlet. A short walk to the village presents you with quaint cafes, restaurants, and shopping.  

The beach is an ideal location with its white sands and aquamarine waters. The bay is sublime for swimming, kayaking, and getting up close and personal with bottlenose dolphins. You may even spot a few koalas while you’re trekking through the Shoal Bay national park. 

You’ll also find picnic tables and facilities at the beachside reserve, so if you get hungry during our session, we can stop for a bite to eat. 

Zenith Beach

Want to feel like it’s just you and your loved one on a deserted island? Then Zenith Beach is perfect for you!

Although it’s one of the smaller beaches in Port Stephens, it’s big on natural beauty: Looming mountains, powdery sand, turquoise to deep blue waters. Take a sunset walk on the shoreline and leave behind only your footprints. 

Tomaree Head and Stephens Peak sit like crown jewels on the North and south sides of the beach. You can walk up to the top of Tomaree Head and get a spectacular view of the Zenith Beach coastline below. And if you’re not feeling up to a long walk, you can access the beach from the car park near the Tomaree Head summit and enjoy a leisurely stroll. 

Zenith Beach definitely puts the “zen” in its name. It’s a quiet location where the two of you can listen to the waves and just be together.

Corlette Reserve & Beach

Corlette is located between Salamander Bay and Nelson Bay and offers waterfront accommodations. It’s calm waters and close proximity to the Anchorage Marina, parks, and shopping centers make it an ideal location for couples and families. 

One of the most beautiful places to capture photos is at Corlette Beach. It’s white sand, azure waters, and picturesque blue skies make it one of the most popular beaches in Port Stephens. 

Whether it’s walking along the break wall across the waterfront reserve that stretches the length of Corlette Beach. Visiting Corlette Point Park and meandering the trails. Or setting up a beach umbrella and digging your toes into the sand (before you pop the question!)… I’ll be there to capture the moment on film.   

Mt Tomaree Head Summit Walk

If you and your partner are up for a refreshing walk, the Tomaree Head summit offers sweeping views of both Port Stephens and the coastline. 

From the North lookout, you’ll enjoy scenic views of Yacaaba Head, Boondelbah, Cabbage Tree, and Broughton Island. While from the south, you’ll be greeted by Zenith, Wreck, and Box Beach, Point Stephens Lighthouse, and Fingal Island.

There are two viewing platforms and a picnic table awaiting guests at the top. So, if it’s your cup of tea, let’s pack a picnic (with a few bottles of Champagne!) as part of your proposal, engagement, or honeymoon session while we take full advantage of the amazing views.

Stockton Sand Dunes Anna Bay

The Stockton Sand Dunes are the largest moving coastal dunes in the Southern Hemisphere, stretching across 32-kilometers and sharing a coastline with one of the most beautiful beaches in NSW – Stockton Beach.

When you walk these dunes, you’re literally walking across time. Three layers make up the dunes, with the current layer clocking in around 3,000 years old. And according to Worimi Local Aboriginal Land Council, the first layer dates back to 2.5 million years. Far out!

Every time you visit, you’ll see something new. The way the wind creates patterns across the sand… The way the light shifts across the water… The way golden hour is especially dreamy. And how just before the sun sets, the light creates this soft, romantic glow that looks absolutely stunning in photos. 

You can explore the dunes on quad bikes, by camel ride (how fun!), on sand boards, or by foot. The possibilities for proposal, engagement, and honeymoon photos are endless! And make for some truly beautiful, one-of-a-kind photos.

Point Stephens Lighthouse 

Located on the Fingal Island, the Point Stephens Lighthouse dates all the way back to the 19th century. A short boat ride to the island brings you to the historic stone ruins that acted as keeper’s quarters. And from the cottages, you can see the lighthouse towering overhead. It’s an elegant and unique construction with a flared base and walls made of sandstone.

Although the interior is currently closed to guests, the outside views make it absolutely worth it. The ocean backdrop and historic buildings provide plenty of opportunities to snap gorgeous photos around the area. 

Fingal Spit to Point Stephens Lighthouse

The sand spit that links Fingal Island to the mainland is known as Fingal Spit. And as with most locations in Port Stephens, the photo opportunities feel endless.

Around this area, you’ll find a white sand beach bordered by cerulean seas – An idyllic spot for relaxing, fishing, or taking a sunrise/sunset walk with your loved one. 

The natural beauty of the area is hard to beat: Wild greenery, soft sand, cool waters. And the majestic Point Stephens Lighthouse and cottage ruins to top it all off.  

But, as a note of caution, it’s not always safe to walk the sand spit, especially during high tide. So, it’s recommended you take a boat from the mainland to the island if you want to get a look at the lighthouse. 

Bagnalls Beach Walking Track 

Shimmering like a clear quartz crystal is the beautiful Bagnalls Beach near Nelson Bay. This beach is known for its dog-friendly environment (they even have doggy bags), so don’t be afraid to bring along your furry friend to include as part of your proposal or engagement session. 

Walking along this coastline gives you spectacular views from Sandy Point to Fly Point Park. While underwater holds a treasure trove of seagrass, which plays an essential role in providing protection for the variety of fish species that call these coastal waters home. 

If you’re an early bird, the Bagnall Beach sunrise is perfect to get those frame-worthy golden hour photos. But dusk also presents a gift of its own – The chance to see the stunning swans gliding across the water to feed on the seagrass. 

Fishermans Bay Clifftops

The peaceful seaside retreat known as Fisherman’s Bay offers guests a secluded coastline, holiday rentals, and plenty of opportunities for photographs. And if you’re there between May and October, you may spot whales migrating along the North coast. A major treat!

The bay runs 50-meters wide and has a 30-meter long sandy beach. There’s also a small park on the slopes just above the beach and houses overlooking the bay. A lookout area on the clifftop serves as the perfect place to view the scenery and capture a few moments on film.  

Ready to book your proposal, engagement, or honeymoon session in one of these spectacular locations? Let’s do it!

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