How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost?

Photography is almost always a priority couples put at the top of their wedding must-have list. And when they don’t, it’s almost always something they regret. 

It makes sense. Photos are just about the only physical thing you’ll have from your wedding day. They are the tangible memories you can hold onto and look back on. So, finding a great photographer is essential.

But as you start searching for a wedding photographer who fits your needs, you may find that the pricing and services offer vary. And it can be a bit confusing.

While I can’t give you a detailed view of what everyone charges in the industry, I can give you a general idea of how much a wedding photographer costs in Australia and The Hunter Valley and Sydney region – and what you can expect from my services. 

How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost in The Hunter Valley – Sydney Region?

Pricing is so varied amongst photographers because it depends on the photographer’s experience, how long they’ve been in the industry and the quality of work they deliver. This is why you might find photography priced from $2000 and $10,000 (and beyond.)

If we drill down and look at how much wedding photography costs in Sydney (based on 9-10 hours of coverage), the range is between $3000 and $9000.

In most cases, you can expect higher-charging photographers to deliver higher-quality images and professional services, including a supportive experience. 

The photography packages I offer include many features and benefits because I sincerely want to help you as much as I can leading up to (and on) your wedding day. The biggest differentiating factor, though, is that I predominantly work with film instead of digital – which is more expensive. But also provides the bright and timeless wedding photography style look of my work.

As your photographer, I’ll send trusted vendor recommendations so you know you can rely on who you’re working with. I’ll help create a timeline with photography in mind to ensure everything runs smoothly and liaise with your wedding planner so we can deliver the most exceptional experience for you and your guests. And I’ll keep everything organised and strategically planned out so you’re not stressed out.

Of course, you’ll receive elegant images captured on film and taken with preparation, thoughtfulness, and purpose – resulting in a collection of meaningful wedding photos.

Why Hiring an Experienced Photographer Matters 

Is hiring a cheap photographer better than not having one at all? It’s hard to say. On the one hand, you would at least have some photos to look back on. But if you look back on them in disgust, is it worth it? 

Even if the pictures are good, but you have a terrible experience with your photographer, it will likely taint how you see your photos. 

It’s taken me 8 years to master photographing a wedding completely. In the beginning, it was challenging to document a day fully and really show my couple’s emotions through their photos. I was too new and still focused on the camera’s settings rather than capturing those memorable moments.

Now, with my camera knowledge on point, I focus on capturing those in-between and emotional moments perfectly. Practice makes perfect, and time has refined the quality of images my couples now receive. 

Time and practice have given me the confidence and knowledge to know how to gently guide my couples into moments to create those dreamy, intimate images both you and I love.

“My now husband and I had an Amazing experience with Sheri!! We all felt so comfortable. Sheri made us all laugh throughout the day, therefore creating the natural laughing photos were so easy. I was surprised (in a good way) How relaxed and organised she was, she knew where she wanted us to stand and at what time. Made it a delightful experience and a quick one so we could get back to the party.” – Paige

What Working With Me Looks Like 

A lot goes into making your wedding photos the best they can be. And it starts long before I lift up my camera and snap the first portrait of the big day.

To give you an idea of what I mean, here’s a breakdown of the 36 + hours I spend prepping, photographing, and editing an average wedding:

BEFORE – 12 hours minimum

  • 1 hour – Initial phone call 
  • 1 hour – Follow-up call
  • 1 – 4 hours – Timeline creation through multiple calls over time.
  • 3 – 6 hours – Attend to emails and share advice, tips, and vendor recommendations
  • 1 hour – Finalizing details week-of
  • 1 – 2 hours Scoping out locations the day before your wedding for the best light to create your dreamy wedding portraits


I always arrive early, this allows me to settle in and not rush saying hello prior to starting the photography of your day. 9 – 11 hours photographing you getting ready, your ceremony, and your reception (and everything in between)

*You can expect, on average, 100 photos per hour of coverage.


  • 2 Hours – Back up your photos onto numerous hard drives for safekeeping
  • 1-2 Hours cull wedding images
  • 15 -20 Hours – Edit images and refine each to ensure maximum beauty
  • 2 Hours – Delivering online gallery links to the couple. Ordering prints and uploading images onto keepsake USB.
  • 1 Hour – Packaging the USB box and sending it out in the post.

Choose Your Photographer Based on These, and You’ll Have No Regrets 

Although cost is certainly a concern and should absolutely be considered, a sense of connection between you and your photography is also extremely important. 

Feeling comfortable with your photographer is something you should be aware of when searching for someone to take your wedding photos, as you’ll be working with this person a lot. So, make sure it’s someone you trust and enjoy being around. 

Style of photography is another consideration, as each photographer has a different and unique style. These images are forever, and you don’t want to look back on yours and regret choosing a photographer whose style you weren’t madly in love with. 

When looking for a wedding photographer it was important to us to have someone who had great energy and had an easy-going personality plus amazing photos. We wanted someone we trusted to be a part of our special day. As soon as we spoke to Sheri on our first call we knew she was the one for us, we didn’t even consider anyone else!” – Patrick

Feel like we might be a good fit based on personality and style? I’d be happy to create a custom package based on your specific photography wants and needs. Let’s set up a time to chat!

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