Heirloom Albums: Why They Matter

I’m going to ask a question, and I want you to be honest:

How often do you sit at a computer or phone and scroll through your images? 

Probably not that often, right?!

You likely have hundreds, if not thousands, of images stored in any number of places. So to go back through them, let alone find that one particular set of photos taken three years ago, just isn’t at all convenient. 

And even if you do take the time to find the photos and look back through them, it feels different from looking, touching, and feeling at an actual picture printed on photo paper.

There’s just something about looking at things on a screen that takes away from the experience. It’s like reading from a tablet rather than flipping through a physical book – it takes away from the senses.

Which brings me to the point of this blog post: The importance of an album.

Maybe you’ve found yourself wondering if you actually need one. If so, you aren’t alone. Most couples have this thought. 

After all, aren’t they costly, obsolete objects no one cares about anymore?

Oh, quite the contrary!

Why Wedding Albums Matter

Wedding albums, especially high-quality, heirloom albums like the ones I offer, are like pieces of art. Pieces of personal art at that! Because these handmade beauties tell YOUR love story.

It’s a tangible item that you can touch and revisit as often as you like. And when displayed in your home as a piece of art displayed on your coffee or entry table, it becomes a permanent reminder of your wedding day. 

You get to relive those moments over and over again. And without ever having to scroll through hundreds of images on a screen. 

Not only are they a personal reminder to you, but for your family and friends too. And, perhaps even one day, your future children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Maybe they will even come to cherish your memories just as much as you will. 

But Heirloom Albums are Expensive 

I sometimes hear from clients that photography packages, mine in particular, that include albums and prints are more expensive than they initially thought. And because of it, they or you might be hesitant about investing in something they can get cheaper elsewhere. 

There’s no doubt that as a fellow human being that I respect your budget and your concerns. But hear me out for just a second…

What’s the quality of the photos, albums and prints those photographers are offering? 

For example, the packages and prints I provide are of the highest, museum-grade quality: Handmade, flush-mount, and true-to-colour.

Over the past eight years, I’ve tested a ridiculous amount of album companies. And finally found one that delivers an excellent product meant to last the rest of your life – and then some!

And if you’re wondering, I do offer payment plans. And when booking certain wedding collections, you’ll receive a discount on your heirloom album. 

What You’ll Get with Your Wedding Album Purchase  

I know wedding planning is time-consuming and full of moving parts. The last thing you need is an overwhelming menu of album options. So, I keep my options quite simple. 

Your choices include:

  • Photo cover – full or half
  • Sizes – 10″x7″ or 10″x14″
  • Parent album – 5”x7” (only optional with the purchase of a 10”x14” album) 

And that’s it! 

With the option to customise the material of the cover, of course.

I will help you design your album to include your favourite images and to tell the overall story of your wedding day – which take approximately five days to do. Then, you’ll receive a digital proof of the album to view and make any comments or suggested adjustments (i.e. swapping out photos).

It gets sent to print once you’re 100% happy and in love with the design. And four weeks later, you’ll have a beautiful album delivered right to your front door.

And if you’re looking for an album alternative or a little something extra, I recommend wall art or single prints that you can access through your online gallery. You’ll be able to see the photo in the selected size, frame, and material. And then order it directly online. So easy!

Your Wedding Story Matters

As your photographer, I guarantee you’ll cherish your wedding photos. But the ones you select for your heirloom album will be significant – as they are the memories that you and your loved ones, for generations to come, will look back on year after year. 

It’s almost guaranteed that if a couple says they’ll print their photos or DIY their wedding album, they’ll never get around to it. They have good intentions, but life is busy.

Don’t let yourself fall into that trap. Instead, hand over the work to me.

I’ll be over the moon to help you create the heartfelt art piece that beautifully tells the story of your wedding day.

See more on my albums HERE.

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