Your Top 5 Concerns About Wedding Photography – Answered!

Finding a wedding photographer out of the massive sea that is wedding photographers isn’t always easy fishing. It’s probably more like trying to catch a whale with a tiny tadpole. Especially given that you’ve never fished for a whale (i.e., gone through this process before.) 

So when you start wading through the internet waters looking for the perfect catch, you’re likely coming up with more concerns than answers or solutions.

But I see you over there in that boat. And like a trusty lighthouse, I’m here to shine some light and bring you to safe shores. And to clear up those concerns so you can make an informed decision. 

So, let’s dive into the top 5 concerns I hear most from couples.

Wedding Photographer at Port Stephens wedding planning advice and tips

1) We can’t find a photographer who fits our style

One of the biggest frustrations I encounter from couples is their struggle in finding an Australian wedding photographer who doesn’t shoot in the dark and moody style. Instead, if you’re like my couples, you want a bright and airy look to your photos. With lots of natural light and vivid colours. So, pretty much the opposite of what’s predominantly out there!

Unlike many Australian wedding photographers or other film photographers for that matter, I work with film and rely on digital photos as a backup. I’m what you call a hybrid photographer—someone who uses both mediums. 

Film is my heart and soul. It allows me to capture the light and colours of your wedding day, which naturally gives your photos the timeless, bright, and fine art quality you and so many couples desire.

2) We don’t want to spend every last minute taking photos

Believe me when I say I want us to get all the good photos as quickly and efficiently as possible. Why? So you can get back to celebrating! 

Contrary to popular belief, as a wedding photographer, I don’t want you to be taking pictures all day. Because your wedding day isn’t just about the images. More importantly, it’s about the experience and the moments that happen. And from those moments come the truly candid and genuine photos that I’ll take.

To ensure you get both time to enjoy your wedding day and beautiful photos to remember it by, we’ll work closely together to create a timeline for your day. We’ll factor in things like getting ready moments, family portraits, cocktail hour, and the send-off. 

For example, we’ll break up photo segments so you can mingle during cocktail hour, then sneak away with me for a short 20 minutes to get those beautiful sunset photos during golden hour.

Everything is streamlined and scheduled but still flexible, so you get the most out of your experience. Just like Kendall, who had this to say about her experience working together:

“On the big day, Sheri blew us all away! Guests included. The day ran seamlessly, and Sheri ensured that our large bridal party was organised and ready to go! The photos are just out of this world, and we are so grateful.”

3) We’ve never had professional photos taken before. We’re worried we’ll feel uncomfortable and look awkward in our pictures. 

Oh my goodness, I hear this one all the time. Seriously! If I had a nickel for every time a couple told me this, well… I would be a very wealthy woman! 

I say this to tell you that you’re not alone. And to help you overcome this concern like I tell all of my couples, you don’t have to look physically perfect to get beautiful photos. Perfection is impossible! Instead, the trick is to pick a good photographer that talks to you about your insecurities. That understands flattering angles. And that helps you with posing so that you look and feel beautiful.

So instead of aiming for an unrealistic image, let’s aim for feeling good in front of the camera. That shines through more than any makeup trick because confidence is genuine. The rest is just details. 

I also tell my couples that having an engagement session is a brilliant way to build their camera confidence. This allows us to meet each other in person and gives you some practice before the big day. I’ll offer guidance throughout the whole process (how to pose, where to put your hands, etc.) and get you to a place where you feel relaxed and free to be yourself.

If you don’t believe me, take Bride Steph’s word for it!:

“I highly recommend doing an engagement session before your day – we feel so much more relaxed going into our wedding photos, and it will be lovely to have some beautiful pics of us being more casual.” 

4) We’re worried about going over budget. But we don’t want to regret our photos because we hired someone we didn’t love.

Budget is another big thing. Especially since most people aren’t really sure how much it costs to hire a professional wedding photographer. And with such a wide range of prices in the market, it can make things more confusing.

To help you determine if I’m the right fit for your budget, I’ll start by asking you what’s most important for you to have captured on your wedding day. Then, if you already have a particular budget in mind, I’ll give you options based on my coverage that fits within your budget. And I’ll also show you where they can add wiggle room and work the budget so that you can have everything they want (i.e., a full day of coverage).  

This day is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, and I would hate for anyone to be disappointed because they chose a photographer who was just a bit cheaper. Because in the grand scheme of things, it’s worth it to spend a bit more and have no regrets.

And that right there is the number one regret I hear from couples after their wedding day. 

5) We want a photographer who cares about us and our wedding day. Does this person actually exist?

*raises hand* 

I know, I know. After chatting with a few photographers, you may start to feel like you’re just a number. Like the photographer just wants to show up, take a few snaps, get paid, and display your photos on their website.

But not in my world. Because my world is your world too. And I truly care about getting to know the two of you on a personal level.

I think it’s important to click with your wedding photographer. So rather than emailing back and forth, we’ll start with a phone conversation. I’ll ask you about your wedding, what you’re most excited about, the style, the guests, etc. I’ll listen to your needs and wants and build a proposal around those. And I’ll support you in more ways than just providing photos. 

For instance, I’ll send over vendor recommendations, help you create a timeline, and be there for you to answer any questions leading up to and on your wedding day. 

“After our first conversation, I knew she was the one for me! From the very moment we booked, Sheri went above and beyond to support us during our planning. Then COVID hit, and Sheri was there to support our planning and give us the pep talk we needed to keep hope that our wedding would go ahead.” -Kendall

Feeling better? 

After reading this post, I hope you are!
If there is a concern you have that wasn’t addressed, fill out a few quick questions. And I’ll get back to you on how I can help create a stress-less experience. And beautiful photos to prove it.

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