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There’s a big difference when it comes to mediums of photography. Not only in style, but with type the camera an image is taken with.

Digital vs Film Photography: What’s the Difference? (And How a Hybrid Photographer Benefits You)

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Needing a breathtaking backdrop to pop the question? Wanting to take stunning engagement photos? Trying to find a photographer to take honeymoon photos in a truly beautiful place? We’ve got you covered!

10 Best Outdoor Locations for Your Proposal, Engagement or Honeymoon Session in Port Stephens

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It’s always an honour when another photographer reaches out to me and asks me to mentor them on shooting film. Film is my biggest passion. There is a reason why digital preset are trying to mimic film…. because of its timeless, fine art beauty and elegance. To me it is magical! Film is my medium […]

Elegant bride on the wild coastline of Kurnell for Sydney Wedding Photographers 1:1 Mentor Photoshoot

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Choosing your wedding venue and location can be quite overwhelming. But, It is a known fact that once you choose your venue, everything else falls into place. Bowral certainly spoils our couples offering an array of amazing venue options, all unique and exquisite in their own right. I want to share with you a few […]

Southern Highlands Luxurious and Timeless Wedding Venues

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Spring Ridge House Project “Oaklands” This sweet little farmhouse looks out onto the magnificent views of the Liverpool Plains with vast croplands and beautiful hills towering in the distance. The design of this light-filled home was to be both practical and functional for a family living on a farming property – classic overall with references to […]

Interior Design Photography for a Branding Session

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OMG, sometimes I think I’m insane … but at the same time, I empower myself!   It is amazing what we do for the things we love and that give us energy! What we can do both mentally and physically when we push it into a space where we are happy and passionate, is nothing short […]

Behind The Scenes Sydney Bridal Editorial Photoshoot

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One of our favourite countries to travel and photograph is the beautiful and lush mountain greenery landscape that is New Zealand.  It is exquisite and the scenery is just amazing, I can’t begin to even describe it. It’s a perfect location for pre-wedding or wedding day photography.  New Zealand offers such a variety when it […]

Why New Zealand Should Be On Your Destination Wedding List

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DESIGNED FOR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS WHO WANT TO CREATE TIMELESS AND ROMANTIC IMAGERY. Have you been longing to book a wedding at a prestigious wedding venue? Dreaming about all those fine art details you could capture to truly represent your brand? It’s time to take your photography to the next level. Whether you are an established […]

Fine Art Wedding Photography Workshop in The Southern Highlands Bowral

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In the world of business, we constantly hear “You must brand your business” or “How are you branding your business?”, “Do you have a strong brand representation?” and more … brand … brand … brand! But what does it actually mean? Branding is everything your customer sees, hears, feels (emotionally and physically). It’s how they […]

Building A Solid Business Brand Through Photography

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The Coronavirus and circumstances surrounding it has sent the wedding industry into turmoil. With the Morrison Government recently introducing the restrictions to a maximum of 5 people at a ceremony, it has created a lot of pain for not only the Bride and Groom but the wedding industry also.  So, how can we support the […]

How you can support the wedding industry for FREE during the coronavirus pandemic.



Branding + Styling



1:1 Mentoring




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